We are happy to announce the immediate release of our new HMS Testimonials WordPress plugin.

HMS Testimonials is a WordPress plugin for displaying plugins. By allowing you to add testimonials to groups you can easily organize testimonials on your pages. Using drag and drop you can set the order in which your testimonials are displayed.

HMS Testimonials offers you a shortcode and two widgets. The shortcode allows you to show all of your testimonials, a group of testimonials or just a single testimonial. This shortcode can be placed inside a page or a blog post. If your theme uses sidebars you can use one or both of the widgets we offer. The first widget does the same as our shortcode. It shows all, a group or just one testimonial. Our second widget rotates through the selected testimonials one at a time. After a few seconds it will fade out the old and fade in the new testimonial.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

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